Phil’s passion is music. Composing music for Films, TV, commercials and libraries, writing songs and world music , his versatility and experience are vast. He loves films . Whilst in the woods of Florida, he composed the music for the film « The Enchanted », which really depicts the attraction of that area.

A year later, he tackled the drama of rabies when he got commissioned by the BBC to write the music for the TV series « The Mad Death » . He wrote the music for the short film « The Sleepwalker » which has now become a cult movie.

Phil has written the music for many TV and Radio commercials, corporate films and documentaries (Discovery Channel, BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Pro7 TV, etc… ).

He has also been involved in writing music and songs for a number of feature films (« The Wooden Camera », « Tarzan & Jane », « Happily N’ever After », ..).

His interest in world music is expressed in Beautiful World which he created following the success of two songs written for Timotei commercials. His albums « In Existence » and « Forever » have been sold internationally. A third is in the making!

How did it all start? with a guitar…..Phil started his musical career as lead guitarist and lead singer in bands such as les Fleur de Lys , Shotgun Express which became Fleetwood Mac. He joined the Spencer Davis Group to replace Stevie Winwood, toured with them and wrote a number of songs (« Don’t want you no more », « Feel your way », « Looking Back »..)

After the band, he concentrated on classical music and studied composition, harmony and orchestration at the Guildhall with James Stobbard. During this time, he wrote a number of more serious works : « Divertimento for Strings », « Symphony for Brass, Piano and Percussion », « Brass Octets », « String Quartets » and the ballet « George, the dragon ».

When he returned to the keyboards, he got into funk and reggae as well as songwriting and producing with various artists (Florie Palmer, Sandie Shaw). As musical director, he supported Sandie Shaw on her Australian tour for the album « Choose Life ».

Phil has received many awards : amongst others, the Best Original Music Award at the British Television Advertising Craft Awards.